The DuPage Care Center Foundation (DPCCF) is proud to present this year’s Care Center Cupids! Read on to find stories and photos from our Cupids. During the month of February, each Cupid has a unique story to tell, and they are ALL asking that you join them to support the residents of the DuPage Care Center by donating to the DPCCF.

Find the Cupid you wish to support and donate by clicking on the link or in person at our reception desk. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will have a huge impact on our residents as more than 80% of our residents are on public aid. The Foundation, with your help, is here to provide quality of life programs and services for our residents. Please donate on behalf of your favorite Cupid and help us do more! All Care Center Cupid donors will have their name displayed on a special red heart in our lobby area. We invite you to stop by and see the hearts. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

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Two of my favorite days at the Care Center are Tuesday and Thursday. Those are the two days we have canine and animal visits for our residents. I love watching the faces of the residents as they interact with these gentle companions. Please donate now and help us continue to provide these heartwarming moments for our residents.

My sister Wendy is a very active resident at the Care Center. She is an avid gardener, loves to play bingo, makes gifts in the woodworking and ceramics classes, and enjoys shopping in the resale shop. Many of these activities are available to her because of the support from our donors. Please consider making a Valentine donation to the Care Center Foundation so that Wendy and the other residents continue to enjoy these fun and engaging activities that put smiles on their faces and a warmth in our hearts.

Greetings friends! I’m asking for your support of the DuPage Care Center. The Center is home to over 300 residents, and assists those with disabilities maintain dignity and remain active. I am very Blessed to have been a resident for over five years. The Center has allowed me to receive needed assistance and participate in new activities. One of my favorite things is Woodshop. I have been able to make projects such as the bookshelf pictured above. Other new activities for me are Ceramics, the Garden and service on the Resident Council. It has been my honor to be elected Resident Council President in 2015. Activities here give me a definite purpose and meaning to each day. I am very blessed to be able to assist with mail delivery and take attendance for Recreation programs. Your donation will help the residents maintain their quality of life. Thank you!

I have had the privilege of serving on the DPCCF’s Board for a number of years. The Center’s staff does amazing work providing exceptional care and support for our residents, with the financial support of DuPage County and Medicaid. The Foundation, with contributions from caring donors, has been able to provide important enhancements to the quality of residents’ lives. Music, nature and gardening, improved communal, family, and personal space improve the daily lives of residents and encourage positive growth and breakthroughs. I ask you to help us help those who are among the most disabled and most needy members our DuPage County community. Every contribution makes an incredible difference.

I started volunteering at the DPCC with my dog (Lucy) in 2003. I became more involved and helped initiate the Animal Assisted Visit program. I became familiar with the staff and residents and saw how important this facility is to the DuPage community. When I learned there was a fledgling foundation board I immediately wanted to learn about what I could do to help – I knew I needed to get involved. As President of the DPCCF for 7 years, I am proud to serve and thankful to everyone who has donated time and money to make the DPCC a better place to live.

I have come to appreciate what it means to have a comfortable and welcoming environment for a loved one when they need special attention on a daily basis. My mother was a resident at the Center and she needed a place where she felt loved. Because of generous donations provided by caring supporters throughout the wider community, additional programs and facility upgrades can be offered to the Center’s residents to enhance their quality of life. I am honored to be a part of the DuPage Care Center mission.

My sister Suzi and I were born 18 months apart. We were siblings, playmates and like many brothers and sisters, sometimes tormentors. My life continued down a traditional path (college, career, family), but Suzi’s was tragically affected when, at the age of 15, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Though she fought her disease with courage and dignity, ultimately she got to a point where she required full-time care. Today, she resides at DuPage Care Center. She receives wonderful care and her days are full with socializing, recreational activities and therapy. However, funds at the Convalescent Center are limited! I serve on the Board for the DuPage Convalescent Center Foundation. The Foundation raises money to cover what the Center cannot and has contributed to facility improvements, recreational activities and additional therapists. Please join me in supporting the DPCCF by sponsoring me as a Care Center Cupid.

We all fear the day a loved one might need skilled nursing or long-term care. DPCC provides exemplary assistance to our neighbors that need it the most. I know firsthand that your contribution can make a difference in the life of a friend, family member, or neighbor.

Hi Friends – The DuPage Care Center (DPCC) is a clean, modern and professionally managed facility that is home to many people who are not able to take care of themselves. I’m writing for the DPCC as a 50 year neighbor of this facility that has helped hundreds. No care is possible without DuPage taxpayers and the generous personal donors like yourself. Please join me in helping DPCC residents like Julian Pineda (40 years in the DPCC) live a better life by supporting this year’s “Care Center Cupids”. Every small donation means a lot. God Bless!

I invite you to join with me in supporting the DuPage Care Center through your donation to the DuPage Care Center Foundation. More than 80% of Center residents who are medically compromised and in need of skilled nursing and long-term care have exhausted their personal resources, and rely on Medicaid (i.e., Public Aid) to pay for their care. For many, the Care Center is their only option. State and local funding sources are simply insufficient. Due to these financial realities, the Foundation raises monies needed to significantly enhance the quality of life of each resident, whether they are in their late teens, or more than 100 years of age. Your generosity profoundly impacts the quality of life of our residents. Please donate NOW.

For the past four years I have been a visitor and supporter of the DuPage Care Center. My friend, Pat Pavini, is a resident, and before him, his wife, Carolyn. I feel blessed to know many caring and dedicated staff members, volunteers and administrators who help to make this home the best that it can be for the other residents. Dinner time in the Resident Dining Room is family time. A quiet moment spent watching the birds in their aviary brings in a bit of the outside on a cold day. The outdoor pavilion and “Secret Garden” produce veggies, beautiful plants and flowers grown by residents. This is a special place, and it welcomes all of us to support and volunteer here. There are many Cupids that work in this space everyday…join the staff and meet beautiful, funny, caring residents whose life stories will amaze you.

When I visit the Care Center, I see residents going about their day. I easily put myself into their shoes, as I am a disabled person. I realize that many of the residents would rather be in their own homes. However, I know that they are well taken care of and safely provided for which gives me a good feeling. I also know that the work of the Foundation that I support has great value and is a true Charity in every sense of the word.

The Golden Rule is practiced here! In my years on the DPCCF Board, I have become aware of the extraordinary respect and care that the residents enjoy. When I informed friends and family that I was on the board, I received heartwarming stories of special care for a family member and testimonials to staff who went the extra mile. This is a very special facility. Among popular programs are music therapy, pet therapy, arts and gardening. DPCCF accomplishes many enhancements to improve the quality of life for the residents. In 2016, DPCCF completed a pavilion which provides covered seating within sight of the lovely raised-bed gardens. As an avid gardener, I love seeing the residents’ pleasure in tending to their flowers, tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables. Please consider making a donation so we can continue to bring joyful experiences to our residents.