Annual Appeal

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To Date:  $9,125

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Many of the residents call the Center “home”.  For that reason, the Foundation is truly committed to providing a home-like environment.  The impact the Foundation has had on the quality of life for these residents has been profound.

Recently the Foundation received a visit from the daughter of one of the residents who participates in the Music Therapy program.  Sue told the Foundation that since her mom had been participating in this program, she is more alert during their visits and has been making a much greater effort to communicate.  The daughter was happy to see glimpses of the active, vibrant woman her mother once was!

Another program the Foundation has funded is the Res Tech Program that teaches residents how to successfully navigate the digital highway.  One of the participants in this program, Kathy, has excelled.  “At first, I was a little nervous about working with the iPads but now, I really enjoy it”.  “The iPad has really helped me re-connect with old friends and family and I look forward to getting emails and messages from them”, Kathy added.

Please Help Us Do More!

More than 80% of our residents who are medically compromised and in need of skilled nursing and long-term care have exhausted their personal resources, and rely on Medicaid (i.e., Public Aid) to pay for their care. For many, the Care Center is their only option. State and local funding sources are simply insufficient. In that, Medicaid reimbursement falls far short of the actual daily cost of providing long-term care, this gap is partially addressed by direct financial support from the County, covering approximately 8% of the Center’s annual operating budget. Due to these financial realities, the Foundation raises monies needed to significantly enhance the quality of life of each resident, whether they are in their late teens, or more than 100 years of age.

Your contribution remains right HERE to benefit YOUR family, YOUR friends, and YOUR neighbors. Your generosity profoundly impacts the quality of life of our residents. With your help, the DPCC Foundation will be able to continue to provide enhanced programs, services, and facility improvements. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.