Annual Appeal

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To Date:  $14,414

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Many of the residents call the Center “home”.  For that reason, the Foundation is truly committed to providing a home-like environment.  The impact the Foundation has had on the quality of life for these residents has been profound.

Residents like Skip.  Skip came to the DuPage Care Center in 2011 following surgery.  “My friends suggested that I should come to the DPCC; my father had been a resident from 2002-2003 and following his passing, I served as a volunteer for seven years.  That made the transition somewhat easier for me.”

Currently Skip enjoys a number of activities including wood shop and ceramics.  “Both of these were entirely new to me,” Skip indicated.  “I look forward to these and have made many items for family and friends.”  Gardening is also something that Skip enjoys.  “It gets me outside and enables me to continue in the tradition of my Mom and Grandmother who were both great gardeners, ” Skip added.  Skip is also the President of the Resident Council!

Please Help Us Do More!

More than 80% of our residents who are medically compromised and in need of skilled nursing and long-term care have exhausted their personal resources, and rely on Medicaid (i.e., Public Aid) to pay for their care. For many, the Care Center is their only option. State and local funding sources are simply insufficient. In that, Medicaid reimbursement falls far short of the actual daily cost of providing long-term care, this gap is partially addressed by direct financial support from the County, covering approximately 8% of the Center’s annual operating budget. Due to these financial realities, the Foundation raises monies needed to significantly enhance the quality of life of each resident, whether they are in their late teens, or more than 100 years of age.

Your contribution remains right HERE to benefit YOUR family, YOUR friends, and YOUR neighbors. Your generosity profoundly impacts the quality of life of our residents. With your help, the DPCC Foundation will be able to continue to provide enhanced programs, services, and facility improvements. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.