About the DuPage Care Center

The DuPage Care Center (DPCC) was founded in 1888 as the Alms House in Wheaton, Illinois, a home for DuPage County’s indigent and elderly.

Residents of the home farmed the 217-acre parcel and had a herd of dairy cattle, supporting themselves and providing additional food to the county jail inmates. It wasn’t until the 1930s that it became a nursing facility that now provides much-needed health care services to the DuPage County community.

Many changes have taken place at the DuPage Care Center over the years. Today, it is a not-for-profit, fully licensed 24-hour skilled nursing facility committed to providing long-term nursing and rehabilitation services to more than 300 DuPage County residents. Those who reside at the DPCC cover all ages over 18—with some even over the age of 100!

By providing speech, occupational, and physical therapy services, the DPCC seeks to empower its residents with the ability to do as much as they can, as well as they can, for as long as they can. DPCC residents also have the chance to enjoy a great variety of recreational activities. The Care Center also offers a range of community outreach services, like professional training for nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists and social workers.

To learn more about the Care Center and all of its operation’s, visit its website.

The DuPage Care Center’s Mission is. . .

. . .to provide quality long-term and rehabilitation services to DuPage County residents in a professional, cost effective manner.

About the Foundation

The DuPage Care Center Foundation (DPCCF) has served residents of the DuPage Care Center since 1993 by raising funds to improve quality of life for DuPage County residents needing long-term skilled nursing and rehabilitative care. The Foundation makes the environment as enjoyable and home-like as possible for those that call the Care Center home—all thanks to the generosity of the Foundation’s individual and corporate donors.

The Secret Garden (pictured left) is just one of the many fixtures of the DuPage Care Center that donors have made possible. Residents can easily access this beautiful garden, where they are able to work with volunteer master gardeners to tend to their own vegetables, flowers, and more.

Your giving today will help secure programs, tools, and facilities that bring joy to all our residents!

The DuPage Care Center Foundation’s mission is . . .

. . .to secure resources to enhance and expand quality-of-life programs and services available to DuPage Care Center residents.

Please, make a gift now to help the DuPage Care Center Foundation turn possibilities into realities!