Moving Forward Together

These three words are the theme for our Annual Spring Appeal. For some it could mean a group working together on a project. For others it could signify a community coming together to benefit their neighbors or the entire community. For the DuPage Care Center Foundation these three words over the past year mean gratitude from the generosity from our community. The DPCC Foundation stakeholders believe and support our mission.

“To secure resources to enhance and expand quality-of-life programs
and services available to DuPage Care Center residents”

Our 2021 Goal


Many of the programs and services support the meaning of why the residents call the Care Center home.  Check out the list of projects enjoyed by our residents that have been made possible through generous donations.

Yes, I want to see how my donation will be put to work for the residents.

As we “Move Forward Together” we ask again, for your support to continue with these projects.  One of our new goals in 2021 is to begin planning for our family Palliative/Hospice Rooms, which will support the quality-of-life at a critical time for resident and their families.  The projected goal is to build 2 rooms with the possibility of an additional two rooms.  BIG goal, yes, but the Foundation and the Care Center believe in providing care, compassion and respect for each resident, their families and the medical and support staff.

Members of the
Vetso Group for veterans

Resident Naz

Meet resident Naz, daughter Maria and son Michael.  Their father, Naz, was transferred to the Care Center prior to the pandemic and they are so grateful that he has found his home at the Care Center.  Maria describes her father as being attentive, happy, and responsive. She attributes this to the quality of medical care and the support staff.  “My Dad loved playing the piano.  His aide, Robin, created a playlist of piano music just for him to listen to – this is just one type of attention he receives.”  Every week Maria attends a monthly meeting with his Care Team  for an overview on how he is doing.  “Receiving this information reassures my family that Dad is in the right place.  We are so grateful for the Care Center,” said Maria.

Additionally, have you heard of our GEM (Giving Every Month) Patron Program?  Your monthly donation will guarantee sustainability for the programs and services for the residents. Any amount is appreciated.

Check out how to become a GEM Patron today.

Once your financial gift is received we guarantee that it goes to work immediately for the residents benefit.  Your gift will continue to maintain the programs and services that residents receive daily.

Over 300+ residents, some of whom are veterans, live at the Care Center.  Many have cognitive, physical and medically complex challenges with little to no financial resources.  Their needs are constant.  So is our mission.  Help us help them!

Let’s turn possibilities into reality by Moving Forward Together!

Yes, count me in!

Thank you for all you do!

Tina Motter with Bob and Christine Kliebhan

The Kliebhan / Motter Family –
first member of the
GEM Patron Program