Our mission is to secure resources to enhance and expand quality-of-life programs and services available to DuPage Care Center residents.


Summer 2020
Pub. 1 – Ed. 1
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Welcome to the first edition of DPCCF Journal. We’ll be sharing stories about the Care Center and the Foundation’s support for the DPCC residents. Our residents are veterans and folks with cognitive, physical and medically complex challenges with minimal to no financial resources. They deal with their issues daily and their needs are constant. Thus, our mission is constant as we strive to improve their quality of life with dignity and respect.

The partnership we’ve developed with you is greatly valued and we want to share our successes! Without you they would not be possible. Its plain and simple your support is very appreciated. You are a stakeholder with DPCCF and your support is constantly working in a variety of areas that benefits our residents.

Annual Appeal

The 2020 Annual Appeal was launched mid-May and we are excited to share that we have surpassed the half-way mark to our goal. This would not be possible without your support. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and consideration.

Approximately 5% of the Care Center’s operating budget is supported through DuPage County and the remaining 95% of the bare essentials for the Care Center comes from Medicare and Medicaid.

The DPCC Foundation funds programs, services and personal supplies that will enhance and expand the quality of life for the residents. The 2020 Golf Outing was cancelled due to COVID. The Fall Festival has been revised to comply with IDPH, CDC and local health department guidelines and will still take place. These events are our primary fundraising opportunities thus greatly impacting our projects financially. A donation, in any amount, will begin working immediately in supporting and enhancing the quality-of-life for our residents. Our mission is constant because our resident needs are constant. Make a donation today.  Be a hero for the Residents!

Donations in Action

Over the past few years the Foundation has been diligently working to identify the needs of the residents.

We continue to support established programming and providing support in areas that have been suggested by residents and staff. We oversee the needs to over 310 DPCC residents who are appreciative of even the most minimal gifts. Please consider donating any amount to the Annual Appeal to support these projects. Your gift will make a difference everyday. What we’re doing!