Dear Friends,

The DuPage Care Center represents a unique environment where, in addition to first class medical care, each resident is provided the opportunity to maximize their potential in an atmosphere of self respect and personal attainment. This would not ordinarily be possible except under a truly enlightened Care Center administration which in turn, engenders the unselfish and caring support of our residents by each Care Center staff member.

The mission of the DuPage Care Center Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of our residents by way of improving their living environment and making their stay as comfortable as possible. We do this through donations and by reaching out to corporate sponsors and other strategic partners which share our core values of supporting the quality of life needs of our residents. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization which relies completely on the generosity of others. All donations qualify as tax deductions. The Foundation is operated independently from DuPage County and does not rely on DuPage County for support of the Foundation’s mission.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. The DuPage Care Center is a very special place for very special people. The Foundation provides essential support to our Care Center residents and we cordially invite you to participate with us in our mission.

On behalf of the DuPage Care Center Foundation Board of Directors and our residents, thank you for your support.



Ray Valadez, President
DuPage Care Center Foundation Board of Directors